As a result of the announcement by the Government to close all Pubs and Restaurants and the choice by some Retailers to close, we want to support our loyal customer base by making it as easy as possible to buy. Until the Government announces the re-opening of Pubs and Restaurants, LinGin and the Four Marys have been reduced. We have also introduced free UK wide delivery. You can still buy from the Distillery but we will not be accepting cash. We have contactless payment and if need be can split your order if it is more than £30. As a small business we rely on every single one of our customers and with the closure of the Pubs and Restaurants this has a knock on effect to our Wholesalers and Distributors and our main Sales channels. As a result we have seen a dramatic decrease in sales to nearly zero. Without the continued support from you, we will not be able to cover our monthly fixed costs and our ability to keep trading will be in doubt. We thank you for your continued support in these difficult times and assure you we will do everything we can to keep the Distillery open.

Collections from the Distillery

If you would like to collect from the Distillery, please check our opening times below and select the Collection option below. Otherwise we will assume it is for delivery. We only accept card payments.

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