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Four Marys Forever Fresh Gin 50cl

Four Marys Forever Fresh is a distilled gin using eucalyptus leaves, peppermint and lemon verbena alongside juniper and coriander to give a cool, fresh taste that leaves the palate feeling wonderfully clear. Infusion with butterfly pea flower to make the gin blue to reflect the fresh air theme of the flavour, the addition of tonic will turn this gin a delicate pink colour. Nose: the scent is of a breath of wintery fresh air which clears the nasal passages and leaves lingering eucalyptus and mint. Taste: clean and fresh with juniper and eucalyptus at the front, swiftly followed by the subtle undertones of lemon verbena and lemon balm, gently giving way to a hint of cool fresh peppermint. Finish: a long hint of lemon and mint which leaves the palate feeling cleansed and fresh. Best served with Fever-Tree standard tonic garnished with lime. 

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