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Our aim is simple, to make quality Gins using the best sourced botanicals and some locally foraged ones to make truly special Gins from Linlithgow - LinGin® and the Four Marys®.

As a family business, we wanted our Gins to have a local 'family' influence. So we recruited over 100 people from the local area to help develop LinGin. Our tasting panel have been instrumental in influencing our LinGin and have continued to act as atasting panel in refining our Four Marys recipes.

LinGin and the Four Marys are now available from our online shop and from outlets throughout the UK. We are expanding our list of stockists daily, so next time you are in a bar or restaurant, ask for a LinGin or Four Marys and if they don't have it tell them about us!


LinGin, our London Dry Gin has been developed from a passion to produce something classic but unique at the same time. Using traditional Gin botancials with a mix of locally foraged and resourced ones from around the area of the Canal, Linlithgow Loch and surrounding countryside, we are truly delighted with the result.

The taste and nose has been refined with the influence of our tasting panel. They have been instrumental in our end product. In particular, one of the 'special' local botanicals that we believe makes our London Dry Gin truly unique came from a suggestion made by one of our panel.

To our tasting panel, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We hope you enjoy our first born!

Four Marys - four unique expressions

The Four Marys – companions and ladies-in-waiting to Mary Queen of Scots, have inspired this series of expressions. Talented and loyal, they attended Mary with flair and character.

Four new gins matched to the characters of the four Marys. Each recipe has been developed with the help of a select number of super tasters to develop four truly unique gins. We have launched the first two of the series and will launch the last two in the next few months.

Check out our shop page for more on the flavour profile and recommended serves.